The Shortest way to return a Response Entity in Spring Boot

Today I found out, there is a super short way to return a ResponseEntity in Spring boot. Usually you want to fetch data from a repository using some kind of interface. Let’s say you use the: It provides a method to find an entity by its ID: As you can see it returns an optional… Continue reading The Shortest way to return a Response Entity in Spring Boot

The Singleton Design Pattern and how to implement it in Java

The Singletone design pattern is one of many famous design pattern used in software developent.
Sometimes you need to ensure that a class in your java project only has one single instance in your whole program or application. The singleton pattern is suitable for this purpose. In this post, i will show you how to implement it and describe which value it offers you in your program.

The Solid Design Principles

The SOLID principles are design principles that are used in software development. The term was coined by Robert C. Martin and describes five design principles that specify how functions and data structures are arranged in classes and how these classes should be interconnected. The goal of SOLID is the production of software, which tolerates modifications,… Continue reading The Solid Design Principles